Cosplay Modeling Mayhem with Phoenix Films!

Hi guys, Zach here!

Summer is over, and as Halloween creeps closer and closer, I had a chance to reflect on the busy summer I had, both with my company, and with the studio opening up, and with photography.
I was hired by my friend Grisky to take cosplay photos at Tokyo Game Show this year, and this year Grisky stole the cosplay show with his amazing rendition of Dante from Devil May Cry 5.

The photos I posted on Twitter were even recognized by the developers of the Devil May Cry series. It was quite an honor meeting the devs at the event, too.

Grisky is quite the talent, but so is DJ Maia, a renowned Tokyo DJ and Model, who asked me to take photos of her during a recent trip to Enoshima.

DJ Maia is a regular at Ele Tokyo, spinning to the best crowds in Tokyo.

Spending time doing photography this summer were quite the learning experience, and really got my creativity pumping. I’ve set out to learn more and improve my photography skills, and have listed the company on Model Mayhem, the world’s most renown model and photography database site. Have a look at my company’s page here at this link.

If you’re interested in hiring me out for some photography, please send me an email at, with the type of photography you’d like me to do.

Enjoy the photos, and have a great day!

Phoenix Films Opens a Studio in Ginza!

This studio is the perfect spot for the creative mind to express itself.

For 2 years, I’ve been ‘based’ out of a Regus rented office in Kannai, the size of a walk-in closet, as a matter of convenience and legality, for my film production business to operate. Phoenix Films, however, always existed as an entity that thrived on being out of the office and interacting with our clients in different parts of Japan (and in some cases, parts of America!)

Now, I (Zach), and Phoenix Films as a legal entity, have come across an opportunity I simply could not pass up.

Partnering with Ginza Hub coworking space in the heart of Tokyo, I have recently opened up Ginza Studio, a full-service, fully-modular, community-driven studio, where we offer bookings for photography and videography, and memberships for those who are seriously creative about their productivity. Some of the plans also include packages from Phoenix Films, so please check out the previous hyperlink for more information on those packages.

This Space is being built as a community effort. We want people to bring their ideas and their art for seminar ideas, as well as holding Tokyo Creative Community events here as well.

I encourage all of you to check out the studio website (separate from the Phoenix Films site) at, and please feel free to use the email for more information.

Portfolio: Kojo Apple Emergency Light

This is a video commissioned by Kojo Industries, a very good client of mine. Featuring a model from Aomori and the music of another Aomori native, this video features an intriguing product displayed recently by Kojo at a number of events around Japan-an Aomori Apple-shaped emergency light.

I used color correction techniques to give this video a natural, relaxed feel, the same feeling one would get when visiting Aomori. Shot in one day in Akihabara with Kojo staff present, this was quite a learning experience for me, yet I still feel I taught a lot of people a number of things about videography that day.

Enjoy the video. If you’d like your own product showcased in cinematic form, contact me at


A few weeks ago, I was invited to film a party in Tokyo’s trendy Daikanyama district with local party group Tokyo Maniacs and arranged and put together by promoters Church of Trance. The Church of Trance head, in particular, wanted me to film an after video using the music of one of the headlining DJs, John Askew. This is a service that Phoenix Films offers, everything from a simple afterfilm like this, to a longer highlight reel with different shots of the different happenings in the bar. Please enjoy, and if you’re interested in this service, please contact me at this email,

LINK TO POST on Phoenyx787 YouTube Channel
Overview of Event Participation Privacy Agreement here.
Other Services We Offer

What Can Video Editors Do For You?

As a video editor, a question I regularly get asked is ‘whats the advantage of hiring an editor when I could do it myself?’
A common misconception is that doing it yourself will save money, time, and still produce a high quality piece. I’ve covered the basics in a previous post, but I’d like to go into more detail.
Video editors, such as myself, have access to more accurate editing software. There are so many more bells and whistles that come standard with Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s professional software for editing (which costs a lot of money), than with iMovie, the software that comes pre-installed with every Apple computer. More precise cuts, better color correction, more options for text editing, more effects pre-installed, and so much more awaits the FCPX user. iMovie is easy for simple videos (or the starting-out YouTuber), but I would highly recommend against making professional presentations, conference demonstration videos, recruitment videos, commercials, investor pitches, and internal videos on iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The goal for these professional videos is to look professional.

The appearance of professionalism is very difficult to do for the start-up company with 1 or 2 or even 10 people. Unless you hire an actual editor for your company, or contract a video editing firm like Phoenix Films, using every day employees or even having managers or company presidents do the video editing is time-consuming, detracts from their real jobs, and often results in hastily-made, unappealing videos that will turn off any viewers, investors, prospective employees and prospective investors. Our job as video editors is to take that time off your hands and put it into our trained hands.

The costs of hiring one of us does seem daunting. Phoenix Films has a flat rate for hiring us (inquire within for details), and at first it’s intimidating, or may seem expensive. However, it’s important to compare that rate of hiring us to the amount of money that you’ll generate from a professionally-produced advertisement, investment pitch, or product pitch. Even better, established companies, brands, start ups, or even your every day mom-and-pop shop can continue churning out business, with the people hired to do their jobs able to do their jobs, while the video editors you hire do their own jobs. When you remove someone off a task and put them in a position they’re not familiar with, you’re taking them away from their productive, money-making job, and as mentioned earlier, the results might not generate the revenue you’re expecting.

Finally, think of the artist as a supplier rather than an artist. Often times, artists such as video editors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and musicians are underpaid, asked to work “for experience” (which typically means for free), or are turned away from a prospective project once the project director sees the fees chart. Artists are just as important to your company’s existence as your supply chain. What good is a product without a method of expressing what that product is? As a video editing firm, Phoenix Films supplies companies with video products that amplify the value of your company’s product, service, or financial standing with investors. The videos we supply to your company allow a whole new view on what your company offers to the world. You might have a supply chain set for whatever your product is, but without a delivery method to the eyes of the world, nobody will have any knowledge of your product or service, nobody will even think of it-or your company’s- existence.

So in conclusion, we at Phoenix Films see ourselves as a potential valuable part of your company’s supply chain. We remove the necessity to have an employee do two jobs that might detract from their-and your company’s-productivity. The costs of hiring us are nowhere near the amount of value that comes from having a professionally produced video make the sales pitch for you.

If you’re convinced, send Phoenix Films an email for rate quotes at

The Importance of the Banner on Facebook Pages

The advent of the Pages on Facebook has drastically changed the way companies and individuals do business. The ability to reach customers and promote their product or service on online media has never been easier, and the way we can showcase this is always changing.

Recently, Facebook has allowed us to add videos to the top of our Pages, which autoplay the moment someone clicks on the Page. We have the ability to add sound as well. This is a great idea for small businesses to instantaneously showcase what their company has to offer.

Recently, Ginza Hub, a Tokyo-based coworking space that focuses on small businesses, of which I belong to a directory of experts, contacted me to edit their own Facebook banner. I have uploaded the final product to the Phoenix Films YouTube Channel:

This is an engaging video which excites the audience and gives a preview to what your company is trying to show.

I strongly suggest making these videos around a minute long, 90 seconds max. Too much information as well will overwhelm your perspective audiences, but too little or too generic will be boring and unmemorable. Remember, your goal is to captivate your audience and make them purchase your services.

Even though it’s only a minute to 90 seconds long, making one of these videos properly takes a while. I strongly suggest hiring a professional to make this video.

If you would like Phoenix Film Productions to produce and edit your Facebook banner, please send me an email at and we can discuss what is needed for your company’s Facebook banner video.


Bashamichi is Beautiful

I have made another demo reel showcasing the beautiful and historic district of Bashamichi near the Phoenix Films office in Yokohama.

Bashamichi is one of the oldest parts of downtown Yokohama and a center of nightlife, outdoor cafes, and upscale shopping. Lots of small restaurants and shops line the main road, which features wrought iron arches that span the street. Many of these buildings are among the oldest in modern Japan. Enjoy the footage.

I didn’t add any music to this video as this is showcasing the editing capabilities of Phoenix Films.

This footage was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus and edited using Final Cut Pro X.

Phoenix Film Productions Demonstration – Folly Beach

Nothing beats one of the best beaches in America, right?
I had the opportunity to spend part of May in Folly Beach with my family, and I made this demonstration reel from the footage I filmed. We had a wide variety of weather – from sunny, hot, humid days, to a crazy thunderstorm flooding the island, to some incredible wind. Overall, it was a very dynamic, enjoyable week.

Enjoy the footage:

What I used to film and edit this footage:

  • Nikon D3200 DSLR
  • Apple iPhone 7+
  • Final Cut Pro X on a 13-inch Apple iMac 2015 version.

Need filmwork done? Please contact me at Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Hiring a Video Editor Might Be a Better Idea Than Making Videos In-House

For the untrained eye, a typical Facebook-based video advertisement might look similar to the next video they are about to see. More trained eyes can see that certain video editing software was used to make different videos.
I myself can tell when a video was produced using iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or on a more advanced software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere.

For the budget-minded company, the allure of having free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker installed with every company computer might make the desire to have professional editors do their video work go away. However, the end result will be a video that looks very generic, has very little attention-grabbing qualities, and (this is especially important if your company is making a pitch or presentation at events) might be just flat out boring.

The expensive programs like Final Cut Pro X and Premiere have a lot more bells and whistles to play with for video editors, but proper training is quite necessary for those wishing to use them. Very few times have I met someone just getting into video editing who can whip up a presentable video on Final Cut on his or her first try.

The key to making your presentation videos comes in 4 parts:

  1. Attention-grabbing layout and presentation format
  2. An appeal to the broadest possible audience
  3. The content/statement that is being made
  4. Careful attention to the nit-picky details of videos.

The 4th point is particularly important for video editing itself. These details are video transitions, background music, lighting/color coding, timing of the clips and background audio…the simple attention to detail is very important when making any sort of media.

The editing process to making a good piece of online media is a long process. It is not recommended letting an average joe straight-out-of-Starbucks “social media” guy edit videos without training. That’s where companies like Phoenix Film Productions come in.

The video in the following link is a sample video created by me showcasing some pretty standard editing techniques.
Note the transitions, the text, even the Phoenix Film Productions watermark at the bottom. Everything flows, there’s a clear message to the video, and it keeps you glued to the screen, right? That’s what you should focus on when creating any sort of video media for your firm.

Do you need any sort of video editing done, now that you’ve read how no-so-straightforward online media can be? Contact us below. We look forward to working with you soon!

Zach/CEO of Phoenix Film Productions