Overview of Client’s Rights/Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

Phoenix Film Productions “Phoenix Films,” highly values the confidentiality and sensitivity of conversations, films & videos and materials of client companies and individuals (the “Client”).
Phoenix Films will only use information for its intended purpose and will protect and not disclose Confidential Information of any Client without written and mutually agreed consent.
Confidential Information means all information relating to Client including;
conversations, emails, contracts, customers, film, licenses, marketing data, trade secrets, technical know-how, key employees plus any other information which is or should reasonably be understood to be confidential or proprietary to Client.

The copyrights of produced photos and videos for the Client shall belong to the Client, and only be used by Phoenix Films for portfolio-related purposes. The Client shall request mutually agreed consent for Phoenix Films to abstain from utilizing produced work for portfolio purposes.

The Client agrees to allow Phoenix Films to publish the video on Phoenix Films’ public YouTube Channel for portfolio presentation purposes, unless expressly written and instructed not to by the Client. The Client retains the copyright of the video being shown upon publication. Phoenix Films receives no advertisement revenue from its social media outlets.

Cancellation Fee: Due to extensive costs incurred during the planning phases of large projects, if an advance day-of payment is agreed upon for the completion of a Project (Advance Payment), this Payment shall become a Cancellation Fee. This Fee is incurred if a project is cancelled non-mutually on the day-of the agreed upon Project Shooting Date.
Exceptions: The confidentiality provisions will not apply once any information becomes publicly available.