Privacy Protection of Clients and Subjects at Events

Japanese privacy laws are strict. For video and photography, if proper consent by anyone in the film isn’t given, the persons concerned can request that the film or photographs be removed or unpublished. This can cause much of trouble for the film producer and for the client of the producer.

At Phoenix Film Productions (Phoenix Films), we value the privacy of everyone involved in the project, but since the burden of these privacy laws often falls upon the producer of the video itself, we must assure that proper agreements and consent is given by all parties before a project can commence.

With Events, Phoenix Films asserts that anyone agreeing to attend, participating as a guest or as an organizer of the event, or pays for admission to said event (henceforth known as an “Event Guest” or simply “Guest”), also agrees and consents to being filmed at the Event, as defined below, for the following purposes that may or may not include:
Promotion for future Events,
Memorializing said Event,
Use of Event film for other related purposes by the client of Phoenix Films,
Use of Event film for portfolio-related purposes by Phoenix Films.

Any disputes with this agreement after the video is published must be rendered to the Client and not to Phoenix Films. Also, Guests wishing to not be filmed at the Event must make the matter known to the Client and the present videographer from Phoenix Films.

The “Event” is defined as the agreed setting, occurrence, happening, or organized meeting, arranged by the Client, being filmed by arrangement between Client and Phoenix Films, for any purpose agreed by the Client. Event Filming is a service provided by Phoenix Films.

Proper understanding of this agreement is required before Event Filming can commence, and the Event organizing Client is requested to make known of this agreement of consent on any event announcement (i.e., social media event page). A simple message such as “guests may be filmed at the event” shall suffice.