Overview of Services

Filming Plan

These services are the most simple filming and editing plans available. More complex projects can be negotiated with individual clients, but if you are looking for a multi-video project, take a look at the PACKAGES below. Also see nondisclosure agreements related to these plans at the bottom of this page.


  • SHOT WITH SONY AX100 – ¥5000 per hour on set
  • SHOT WITH BLACKMAGIC DESIGN POCKET CINEMA – ¥10000 per hour on set plus ¥5000 Camera Usage Fee

Video Editing Plans

Simple and easy: send your filmed footage with instructions to Phoenix Films, and we edit for you. The price is based on the length of the final product. This package is meant for ad-hoc editing, or those in need of quick turnaround of on-site video projects.


  • Basic Editing – ¥10,000 for every minute of final product
  • Editing plus DaVinci Resolve professional coloring – 15,000 per minute of final product


We become your assistant camera or your director of photography – Phoenix Films goes on site to film customer-specific footage, and then edits the footage into however many videos the customer desires. The price is based on the length of the final product or products, plus the time spent filming on set. More complex project deals can be made with this particular service. Ideal for advertisements, event videos, short films, or other larger scale projects. 


  • AC1 – ¥100,000 for 1 to 2 day shoots, up to 5 minutes of final product length*
  • AC2 – ¥150,000 for longer shoots. This price can be negotiated. 

*Note – prices may change due to crew numbers, time on set, and travel. Please inquire for more details.

Photography Package

Photographer – Zach Kuhn. Camera – Nikon D5300.

  • ¥10,000 for 1 hour shoot and for 20 edited photos plus travel and incidentals.
  • ¥3000/hr additional fee for Studio Usage. 
Note on prices

All prices can be negotiated with the customer directly. All pricing will be announced upon the initial start of production of the first video for the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to maintain awareness of the pricing structure. Any changes in pricing structure will be announced directly to active Clients. By commencing production of the video, the Client agrees to pay the final cost of the video upon acceptance of the video by the Client.

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