Overview of Services

Basic Filming Plan
These services are the most simple filming and editing plans available. More complex projects can be negotiated with individual clients, but if you are looking for a multi-video project, take a look at the PACKAGES below. Also see nondisclosure agreements related to these plans at the bottom of this page.

Simple and easy: send your filmed footage with instructions to Phoenix Films, and we edit for you. The price is based on the length of the final product. This is perfect for customers requiring a rapid turnaround and need to have something quickly made for a special occasion, or have footage that was filmed during vacation and would like a fun video produced to commemorate the occasion.

Slightly more complex – Phoenix Films goes on site to film customer-specific footage, and then edits the footage into however many videos the customer desires. The price is based on the length of the final product or products, plus the time spent filming on set. More complex project deals can be made with this particular service. Ideal for small businesses looking to make advertisements, or models working on their portfolio, or events/parties. This service ensures the final product is of professional-grade quality.

The Packages plans are for customers who have a greater amount of video production needs. For a monthly payment, the client is guaranteed 6 videos of 2 minutes length or less produced each month. More perks come with different packages as explained below. Any videos produced in excess of two minutes or outside of the 6 guaranteed videos will be based off the Basic Filming Plan. Ideal for those seeking to make waves on Social Media.

Why purchase a Package?
Simple: Convenience. If your organization is trying to gain more Social Media presence, you or your artistic team are not going to have enough time editing so many videos to keep up with the quick demands that Social Media marketing present. It is commonly thought that video editing is quick and easy, and that cannot be farther from the truth. Many companies struggle with video production and that’s where Phoenix Films’ offers value – a quick and easy and convenient solution to a not so quick and easy problem.

PACKAGE 1: The Basics Package
Offers: 6 videos produced monthly plus basic Social Media video optimization.
Perfect for the client that already has numerous videos produced, or has worked with Phoenix Films in the past and wants to reuse previously filmed footage. Final products will be sent directly to the customer.

PACKAGE 2: The Social Media Package
Includes PACKAGE 1, except this package includes a social media/filming tutorial session that will be held at the customers’ location. This tutoring session will allow the customer and the employees to learn about Social Media and Social Media filming, as well as basic editing. Phoenix Films will give a breakdown of the process to film and send media to Phoenix Films for editing. Includes basic Social Media account support, which includes but is not limited to direct uploading of the 6 guaranteed to the customers’ social media account. (Requires the Client to give secure social media account information to Phoenix Films if the Client choses to allow Phoenix Films to upload directly to their accounts.)

PACKAGE 3: The Project Package
Includes PACKAGE 1 and PACKAGE 2, but also includes twice yearly archiving filming days at the customers’ discretion and location. All footage on those two days will be filmed by Phoenix Films and stored securely for use at the customers’ order. This package includes priority access to the Ginza Studio in Tokyo.

All prices will be negotiated with the customer directly. All pricing will be announced upon the initial start of production of the first video for the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to maintain awareness of the pricing structure. Any changes in pricing structure will be announced directly to active Clients. By commencing production of the video, the Client agrees to pay the final cost of the video upon acceptance of the video by the Client.

Please contact us at phoenixfilmstokyo@gmail.com
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