Why Hiring a Video Editor Might Be a Better Idea Than Making Videos In-House

For the untrained eye, a typical Facebook-based video advertisement might look similar to the next video they are about to see. More trained eyes can see that certain video editing software was used to make different videos.
I myself can tell when a video was produced using iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or on a more advanced software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere.

For the budget-minded company, the allure of having free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker installed with every company computer might make the desire to have professional editors do their video work go away. However, the end result will be a video that looks very generic, has very little attention-grabbing qualities, and (this is especially important if your company is making a pitch or presentation at events) might be just flat out boring.

The expensive programs like Final Cut Pro X and Premiere have a lot more bells and whistles to play with for video editors, but proper training is quite necessary for those wishing to use them. Very few times have I met someone just getting into video editing who can whip up a presentable video on Final Cut on his or her first try.

The key to making your presentation videos comes in 4 parts:

  1. Attention-grabbing layout and presentation format
  2. An appeal to the broadest possible audience
  3. The content/statement that is being made
  4. Careful attention to the nit-picky details of videos.

The 4th point is particularly important for video editing itself. These details are video transitions, background music, lighting/color coding, timing of the clips and background audio…the simple attention to detail is very important when making any sort of media.

The editing process to making a good piece of online media is a long process. It is not recommended letting an average joe straight-out-of-Starbucks “social media” guy edit videos without training. That’s where companies like Phoenix Film Productions come in.

The video in the following link is a sample video created by me showcasing some pretty standard editing techniques. https://youtu.be/8jFuAU5BCXM
Note the transitions, the text, even the Phoenix Film Productions watermark at the bottom. Everything flows, there’s a clear message to the video, and it keeps you glued to the screen, right? That’s what you should focus on when creating any sort of video media for your firm.

Do you need any sort of video editing done, now that you’ve read how no-so-straightforward online media can be? Contact us below. We look forward to working with you soon!



Zach/CEO of Phoenix Film Productions

The Benefits of Online Media

As many of you know, online media is quite a new medium. It’s fast, versatile, and has the ability to reach millions of eyes within minutes if the subject goes viral. Online media does have its challenges, as the recent PewDiePie scandal shows, but overall, online media has many benefits that can change a business’s bottom line for the better, if harnessed correctly.

The key to making online media for your business or organization is the message. The message should be relatable, touching the memories of your target audience and compelling them to share said article. A prime example of this was a Toyota advert a few years ago that made the rounds on Facebook. I posted the video below. Watch it and try to see the message Toyota wishes to convey:

As you can see, the message Toyota conveys the safety of their vehicles. How do they do this? A stirring, relatable story that every Japanese person (and, given the worldwide popularity of this video, every viewer) that shows the lifetime of a Toyota vehicle and its owners. It’s something most viewers would probably be moved to tears by, right?

That’s the power of social media. That video was shared more than 6 million times, and that’s the YouTube video itself. So what does this mean for you? Be it you run a small business, or maybe you’re part of a large organization, the right message that reaches the right audience can bring so many eyes to your business. The opportunities are boundless. Obviously it’s important to be smart about this: don’t jump on popular hashtags or social movements without assessing what your post to that conversation will have as a meaning. A good example of what NOT to do was brought up by John Oliver a while back:

So remember: Online media is a very important tool for getting your brand out to millions of people in this day and age. However, be smart about what you’re trying to convey.

By the way, are you looking to create online media for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube? I’m sure you are by now. Perhaps Phoenix Film Productions can provide you some advice. Contact us at phoenixfilmsjapan@gmail.com or on our Facebook page:

-Zach, March 7, 2017