The Importance of the Banner on Facebook Pages

The advent of the Pages on Facebook has drastically changed the way companies and individuals do business. The ability to reach customers and promote their product or service on online media has never been easier, and the way we can showcase this is always changing.

Recently, Facebook has allowed us to add videos to the top of our Pages, which autoplay the moment someone clicks on the Page. We have the ability to add sound as well. This is a great idea for small businesses to instantaneously showcase what their company has to offer.

Recently, Ginza Hub, a Tokyo-based coworking space that focuses on small businesses, of which I belong to a directory of experts, contacted me to edit their own Facebook banner. I have uploaded the final product to the Phoenix Films YouTube Channel:

This is an engaging video which excites the audience and gives a preview to what your company is trying to show.

I strongly suggest making these videos around a minute long, 90 seconds max. Too much information as well will overwhelm your perspective audiences, but too little or too generic will be boring and unmemorable. Remember, your goal is to captivate your audience and make them purchase your services.

Even though it’s only a minute to 90 seconds long, making one of these videos properly takes a while. I strongly suggest hiring a professional to make this video.

If you would like Phoenix Film Productions to produce and edit your Facebook banner, please send me an email at and we can discuss what is needed for your company’s Facebook banner video.


Bashamichi is Beautiful

I have made another demo reel showcasing the beautiful and historic district of Bashamichi near the Phoenix Films office in Yokohama.

Bashamichi is one of the oldest parts of downtown Yokohama and a center of nightlife, outdoor cafes, and upscale shopping. Lots of small restaurants and shops line the main road, which features wrought iron arches that span the street. Many of these buildings are among the oldest in modern Japan. Enjoy the footage.

I didn’t add any music to this video as this is showcasing the editing capabilities of Phoenix Films.

This footage was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus and edited using Final Cut Pro X.

Phoenix Film Productions Demonstration – Folly Beach

Nothing beats one of the best beaches in America, right?
I had the opportunity to spend part of May in Folly Beach with my family, and I made this demonstration reel from the footage I filmed. We had a wide variety of weather – from sunny, hot, humid days, to a crazy thunderstorm flooding the island, to some incredible wind. Overall, it was a very dynamic, enjoyable week.

Enjoy the footage:

What I used to film and edit this footage:

  • Nikon D3200 DSLR
  • Apple iPhone 7+
  • Final Cut Pro X on a 13-inch Apple iMac 2015 version.

Need filmwork done? Please contact me at Look forward to hearing from you soon!